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For over a decade, Killer Rhapsody have been blowing people’s minds with the hottest and most riveting tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen. Amazing harmonies and large orchestration. This is not your usual run of the mill QUEEN TRIBUTE. This is an EXPERIENCE! This is A NIGHT OF QUEEN.


A NIGHT OF QUEEN has established itself as one of the world’s most authentic tribute bands to QUEEN & Freddie Mercury. With their enigmatic and dynamic spectacular stage show, KILLER RHAPSODY have been wowing audiences from the UK to Europe to INDIA. Publicly endorsed and featured Dr Brian Mays Guitars - A NIGHT OF QUEEN is Guaranteed to blow your MIND!


A performance synonymous with the energy and passion of the world’s biggest band. Killer Rhapsody use their years of experience in live music to produce the most genuine and authentic Queen and Freddie Mercury experience in the world today! Taking fans through the years of EVERY album with a fantastic, choreographed stage show, featuring the most authentic and best Freddie Mercury costumes you’ll see. The LEGACY and love of QUEEN is truly being kept alive. Performing a spectacular royal evening of QUEEN classics with a show running for over 2 hours long. Any major or casual QUEEN fan is in for an amazing time you will not forget.

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Joe Tilly /
Lead Vocals

Critically recognised as one of Europe's top Freddie Mercury tributes, Joe Tilly has established himself through perfecting Freddie’s 3 octave vocal range, trademark flamboyant moves and incredible showmanship. Each show is performed with perfect accuracy that you really believe you are there with the real Freddie Mercury. All stage costumes are carefully chosen to recreate the typical Freddie look. The legendary crown and union jack robe completes the show’s finale.

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Reuben Start / 
Drums & Musical Director

Touring for 30 years since the age of 12, Reuben is the bands Queek! (Queen Geek). He had a dream to create the best Queen tribute from being a young child and has now succeeded. Along with many other accomplishments, Reuben studied his Music degree at the London College of Music where he gained his bachelors degree. Reuben is a multi instrumentalist, writing and arranging all of the large orchestrations and interludes a Killer Rhapsody show has become synonymous for. Through years of obsessing, he has perfected Roger Taylor's drumming style and backing vocals. He also owns an events company working with many of Europe's greatest tribute acts and in his spare time during the week, he is a Secondary school Maths teacher.

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Dan Hardcastle /

This 6 string maestro has been playing all over the UK & Europe for over 25 years now. Officially a seasoned QUEEN Tribute guitarist, Dan has spent his time focusing on perfecting the true sound of Sir Brian May whilst managing to maintain his own style. Along with joining Killer Rhapsody, Dan's other personal Queen highlights include performing at the official Freddie Mercury birthday party in Montreux and not having to wear a wig. On his days off the road with Killer rhapsody, Dan can be found playing in function bands and teaching the next Brian May in a variety of UK Schools.

Nick Mather / 

An accomplished Bassist, Nick has played nationally and internationally in many different settings. He now brings his distinctive style to the Queen Tribute scene, stating ‘Although I’ll never look like Deacy, I aim to play those great songs as authentically as possible’.  Nick qualified from Leeds University with a BA in Music and taught music in schools for over a decade.  He has recently returned to studying, gaining a Masters in Music Therapy from Derby University.  He now runs and you’ll find him on YouTube as ‘The Drum Therapist’.  

Richard Littlewood / 

This Piano wizard has been playing with all the young dudes on the circuit for many year...

Touring with several other Queen tributes, Rich has finally found home and could not be happier. 

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